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At the crossroads: How can we navigate the right path for the betterment of humanity? 🔊

The world is facing multiple crises from climate change to institutional racism to COVOD-19. Maria Armoudian speaks to three preeminent scholars from the fields of anthropology, philosophy, and psychology about the crossroads we are facing as a global community and the ways we can navigate them for the betterment of humanity.

Has COVID-19’s spread benefited from the nature of governance in the 21st century?

Although both sides would deny it, the spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the weaknesses of two systems of governance as represented by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the United States of America.

COVID contact tracing: Were we clever, or just lucky?

“Bluntly, our management of contact tracing has been shambolic and it has important lessons beyond the COVID pandemic.”

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Can you trust a robot?

Can you trust a robot?

Robot caregivers can help maintain independence as we age, but the trick is getting humans to trust them.

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Should racially offensive public memorials be removed? 🔊

Should racially offensive public memorials be removed? 🔊

In the days after the killing of George Floyd, protesters have made several demands to counter police violence and racism in the United States. Some of the demands directly relate to the history of race and violence in America and in particular an emphasis on the memory of the American Civil War. 

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