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The ethics of assisted dying: What could a law change mean for New Zealanders?

A new bill intends for terminally ill New Zealanders who have less than six months left of life, the option of requesting and receiving an assisted death from a qualified medical practitioner if they fulfil certain eligibility criteria.

What are the public health and environmental impacts of wildfires?

Deadly fires across California over the past several years have shown how wildfire has become a serious public health and safety issue.

Q+A: What are the best ways to mitigate climate change?

As California burns, oceans rise, storms intensify, and Greenland’s glaciers melt, the world continues to try to identify solutions to the ongoing climate crisis.

Politics & Society

Q+A: Could working with gangs help reduce crime?

New Zealand National party leader Simon Bridges wants to stop gang members from gaining access to welfare if they cannot prove their income is from legitimate sources. This comes at a time when some gangs are wanting changes in their community.

Are armed police patrols the solution to gun violence? πŸ”Š

The debate around the trial of armed police patrols in New Zealand continues since it was announced three weeks ago. The patrols will be rolled out in Manukau, Waikato, and Canterbury and involve heavily armed, specially trained, units roaming the streets in vehicles.

Science & Technology

Is there freshwater under our oceans? πŸ”Š

A group of researchers has found that there are definite and viable sources of freshwater under our oceans. Adrian Werner of Flinders University has been leading a team studying groundwater and offshore aquifers and their findings suggest there is freshwater.

Business & Economics

Arts & Culture

Q+A: Scars of the past: What is historical memory and how does it change?

How important is historical memory in politics? What can we learn about how our memories of the past are manipulated to change current and future politics? What can we learn from memory entrepreneurs in places like the former Yugoslavia? How did they try to change understandings about the past to influence the future?

Why do we need journalism?

Journalism is facing a profound financial crisis. Around the world, news outlets are closing, and journalists are losing their jobs. Should we be worried?