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AUKUS Pillar 2: Is non-nuclear membership possible for New Zealand?

“Pillar two” proposes non-nuclear membership to the AUKUS security partnership. Would the delineation be meaningful in practice?

From Gallipoli to Gaza: Should the Anzacs be remembered as a ‘coming of age’ story or as a lesson for the future?

The question of why New Zealand soldiers ended up on Turkish beaches in April 1915 is typically not part of Anzac Day commemorations. What lessons do these silences hold?

Who are today’s climate activists? Dispelling three big myths on Earth Day.

It’s easy to get caught up in the myths about climate activism, particularly in today’s polarized political environment. On Earth Day 2024, let’s explore the truth about three of the big myths being told about climate activism and the climate movement today.

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Is “Now and Then” really a Beatles song?

Is “Now and Then” really a Beatles song?

Discover the AI-driven revival of the Beatles’ “Now and Then,” exploring its technology, historical context, and its impact on the legendary band’s legacy.

Can NZ step up and address Earth system decline?

Can NZ step up and address Earth system decline?

The Government of Aotearoa New Zealand has a unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership and action by changing its laws to conform with the laws of nature, writes Klaus Bosselmann. Can NZ step up and help lead?

The fall into the abyss

The fall into the abyss

In April 1909, two waves of massacres shook the province of Adana, located in the southern Anatolia region of modern-day Turkey, killing more than 20,000 Armenians and 2,000 Muslims.

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