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Seizing Russian state assets to rebuild Ukraine: Will it prolong the war, or end it?

As Canada leads in seizing Russian state assets for Ukraine’s rebuilding, questions arise about its impact on war’s end and global diplomacy.

Gaza war: How did Qatar become a leading mediator in the Middle East?

Qatar’s mediation success in Israel-Hamas ceasefire hinges on wealth, neutrality, and global connections, shaping effective conflict resolution strategies.

Can the Pandemic Be Blamed for the Surge in Violence Against Women in India?

COVID lockdowns in India worsened economic abuse against women, creating new forms of control, exploitation, and vulnerability, as revealed in research.

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Reimagining Our World.

What we value in society shapes our behaviour and influences our current and future world. Our aspirations, definitions, and incentives related to “success” and “beauty” affect our work, finances, and time. These incentives and our related actions sometimes have devastating consequences for our well-being, relationships, and planet.

Ngā Ara Whetū and The Big Q want to reimagine what’s possible. What is possible with a different definition of success? A different definition of beauty?

A new vision for our world?

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Sustain: What does a new President mean for biodiversity in Guatemala?

Sustain: What does a new President mean for biodiversity in Guatemala?

Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for land and environmental activists. Pauline Herbst speaks with Maya Q’eqchi’ community leader in education Fredy Oxom and anthropologist Callie Vandewiele to find out why a silent indigenous led protest is important for biodiversity.

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Is “Now and Then” really a Beatles song?

Is “Now and Then” really a Beatles song?

Discover the AI-driven revival of the Beatles’ “Now and Then,” exploring its technology, historical context, and its impact on the legendary band’s legacy.

Can NZ step up and address Earth system decline?

Can NZ step up and address Earth system decline?

The Government of Aotearoa New Zealand has a unique opportunity to demonstrate leadership and action by changing its laws to conform with the laws of nature, writes Klaus Bosselmann. Can NZ step up and help lead?

The fall into the abyss

The fall into the abyss

In April 1909, two waves of massacres shook the province of Adana, located in the southern Anatolia region of modern-day Turkey, killing more than 20,000 Armenians and 2,000 Muslims.

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