Want to understand the world better? Get some context around some of the big questions? Have a fresh light shed on global issues and political debate?

The Project for Media in the Public Interest (PMPI) is a website connecting audiences to informed dialogue about science, economics, arts and politics. Academics from across disciplines at the University of Auckland, across America, Europe, Australia and other universities discuss their research on important topics via videos, podcasts, interviews, symposia and opinion pieces.

“We are aiming to elevate critical thinking, raise the level of public debate, and counter the trend towards soft news,” says the project’s founding director, political scientist Dr Maria Armoudian.

Discussion on the United States’ existential crisis, fake news, genocide and climate change are just some of the topics already covered on the site.

PMPI also uses media production as a teaching tool. Students at the University of Auckland acquire critical media skills and co-create new, exciting media content.

“The aim of this is to play an educational role within and beyond the University, and in the process, train up a new generation of public interest journalists,” says Dr Armoudian.

PMPI is a joint collaboration between four University of Auckland units: Politics and International Relations, Media and Communication, the Faculty of Arts Information Technology Services, and the University’s Libraries & Learning Services

For information about submitting content to the Big Q email us at pmpi@auckland.ac.nz