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Can we teach critical thinking in a post-truth world?

In an extract from her new book “Talking Truth in a Post-Truth World,” Jess Berentson-Shaw discusses whether we can teach critical thinking in what many deem to be a post-truth world.

Killing orders: what are the facts of the Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s long-standing denial? ▶

In a lecture given at the University of Auckland, Taner Akçam talks about his new book “Killing Orders,” a book which brings to light documents that show the Turkish Government did order the Armenian Genocide.

Facebook isn’t cool anymore: what killed it?

Claudia Russell looks into why Facebook is not cool anymore.

Politics & Society

Is there such a thing as a just war?

When former US President Barack Obama articulated his plan to destroy Islamic State he was invoking what is known in political philosophy circles as just war theory. However, at the same time, he alluded to the idea that a new conception of just war theory was needed. But what exactly is just war theory?

Science & Technology

Are hallucinations a disease?

Hallucinations may be a symptom of mental illness, but they are not necessarily harmful as Yewande Pearse explains.

Business & Economics

What are the solutions to food insecurity? 🔊

Climate change, pesticide contamination, soil-depletion, loss of land, power politics, mass pollinator die-offs, and a host of big business practices threaten the long-term availability of healthy food. In part two of this symposium on the future of food, Maria Armoudian speaks with a panel of experts about the possible solutions to the food crisis the world faces. 

Arts & Culture

Fight the power: exploring the connections between music and politics

Music and politics have always had a strong relationship going back to the days of the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-war movement, and campaigns to combat racism. These days, artists such as Childish Gambino are pushing the boundaries visually and musically when it comes to using their art as a political vehicle. Sam Smith spoke with Patrycja Rozbicka about the intersection between music and politics.