Q+A: Why do people ‘take action’?

The past few decades have witnessed moments of great social change and environmental action. From developing research on climate change, environmental disasters, sustainability movements, and the increasing polarisation of the entire debate — our “dying planet” continues to be a heated topic. But, what makes people take action? And what goes on in the minds of those who don’t?

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Q+A: Can we end homelessness in New Zealand?

New Zealand has some of the worst housing deprivation rates in the developed world per capita and they appear to be getting worse. Reuben McLaren speaks with clinical psychologist and founder of the Housing First model Dr. Sam Tsemberis about housing and ending homelessness.

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What lies behind the sex trafficking of Yazidi women?

For decades the most effective weapon of war and conflict has been rape. The strategic use of female sexual violation has manifested itself into sex trafficking and sex slavery in the 21st century. This terrible outcome of war has affected many groups around the world, but few as severely as the Yazidi people.

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