In a world where values shape our actions and the direction of society, the way we define success and beauty has consequences. Ngā Ara Whetū and The Big Q have come together with a competition that challenges these norms and encourages us to think differently. This competition asks participants to explore new possibilities in redefining success and beauty.


Category 1: Redefining Success


Imagine a world where success is not measured in monetary terms. Currently, the accumulation of wealth can come at a significant cost to our planet. Billionaires emit vast amounts of greenhouse gases through their investments, contributing to environmental degradation. But what if success could be detached from wealth accumulation? Can we value diverse visions of success that are both attainable and sustainable? This competition invites you to submit your own redefinition of success, a vision of a world where success takes on new dimensions.


Category 2: Redefining Beauty


Now, picture a world where beauty is defined by who we are rather than how we look. The fast fashion industry, known for its environmental impact, is a major contributor to water consumption and carbon emissions. What if beauty meant recognizing our strength, kindness, humour, and connectivity as the epitome of beauty? The competition challenges you to redefine beauty, fostering a world where true beauty is found in our character and actions.


Competition Details


– Submission Deadline: Thursday, 23rd November, 2023

– Categories: Participants can submit various forms of content, including essays, photographs, artistic creations, and more, as long as they fit the theme of redefining success and beauty.

– Prizes: Winners will not only have their work published but will also receive prezzy cards ranging from $30 to $500.

– Special Honors: Special prizes are available for participants in the age categories “18 yrs and under” and “19-21.”


Submission Guidelines


– You may submit one entry per media category, but you can submit multiple entries across different formats.

– Written submissions (essays, poetry, short stories, etc.) are limited to 800 words.

– Photo entries can include one image or a cohesive group of up to 4 images.

– Films or filmed performances must be limited to 15 minutes.

– Film and fine art submissions require an uploaded Word document with a link to your film hosted on a video platform (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube) and password details if required. Fine art submissions should include a photograph of your artwork.


Join the movement to redefine success and beauty. Let your creativity and imagination lead the way to a world that values sustainability, diversity, and the intrinsic beauty within each of us.


For more information on how to submit your entry, prizes, and special honours, stay tuned to Ngā Ara Whetū and The Big Q. If you have questions about the competition and submission, visit


Are you ready to shape a better future? Start creating and sharing your vision today!

Photo by Edu Lauton on Unsplash