Climate Change is an existential threat that demands bold action and a transformation of how humanity uses its resources. Concepts like “net zero” and “carbon offset” have done little toward decreasing the amount of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere. Is the current legal and voluntary structure adequate to meet the challenge of climate change? Are we up to the challenge? Doug Becker speaks with William Moomaw, LeRoy Westerling, Christopher Wright and Prue Taylor.

William Moomaw is an Emeritus Professor in International Environmental Policy at The Fletcher School, Tufts University. He is an expert in clean energy technologies that address climate change.

LeRoy Westerling is a Professor of Management at the University of California, Merced. He is an expert in Applied Climatology.

Christopher Wright is a Professor of Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney. He is an expert in corporate capitalism and its societal and environmental impact and is the co-author of Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations: Processes of Creative Self-Destruction.

Prue Taylor is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental and Planning Law at the University of Auckland. She is an expert in environmental law and is the author of An Ecological Approach to International Law: Responding to Challenges of Climate Change.



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