What role did big data play in New Zealand’s covid response and how can AI be applied to address other local and global challenges? We have seen the critical role that big data has played in the pandemic, from detecting outbreaks to identifying new variants. This discussion will look at the potential for big data to play a key role in tackling problems in a range of other areas, as well as exploring some of the challenges associated with the growing use of big data.

This panel is part of a series called Aotearoa future shapers: post-pandemic transformation. Hosted by UniServices, this is a series of expert panels designed to contribute to the discussion of New Zealand’s future

Panel members:

Andrew Chen – Research Fellow in the Centre for Informed Futures at the University of Auckland. His research looks at the ethics of digital technology and its impact on society.

Michael Witbrock – Professor of Computer Science at the University of Auckland. His research falls within the AI field.

Danielle Lottridge – Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Auckland. Her research focuses on understanding and designing for human interaction with technology.

Bryan Chapple – Deputy Secretary, Macroeconomics and Growth, NZ Treasury.

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Disclaimer: The ideas expressed in this talk reflect the views of the guests and not necessarily the views of The Big Q. 

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