Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world. But what are the causes of this poverty? International aid has flown into the nation, in particular, throughout the last two to three decades. It has also been the target of intentional military intervention and humanitarian aid resulting from political and environmental crises. This year, it suffered the dual crisis of the assassination of its president and yet another deadly earthquake. The aid has created a dependency economy and a dual political structure that has exacerbated endemic poverty and economic and political marginalisation. Doug Becker speaks with Mark Schuller, Jean-Eddy Saint Paul, and Barrymore A. Bogues about Haiti’s ongoing poverty and political marginalisation.

Mark Schuller is a Professor of Anthropology at Northern Illinois University. He has written extensively on Haiti and is the author of Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti.

Jean Eddy Saint Paul is a Professor in Sociology at Brooklyn College. He is an expert in the political sociology of Haiti.

Barrymore A. Bogues is a Professor of Humanities and Critical Theory at Brown University. He is the author of Empire of Liberty.



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