This month, the IPCC released its sixth assessment report. This report was the starkest of any of the IPCC reports thus far. The effects of the failure to act on the threat of climate change and the need to make immediate changes in governmental and societal practices mark the report. What are the contents of the report? What actions do we need to take to mitigate and adapt to climate change? Doug Becker speaks with Jennifer Allan, Gabriel Vecchi, Stephen Palumbi and Pamela Chasek.

Jennifer Allan is a Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University. She is an expert in climate change and is the author of The New Climate Activism: NGO Authority and Participation in Climate Change Governance.

Gabriel Vecchi is a Professor of Geosciences at High Meadows Environmental Institute. He is an expert in climate science.

Stephen Palumbi is a Professor in Marine Science at Stanford University. He is an expert in marine ecosystems. He is the co-author of The Extreme Life of the Sea.

Pamela Chasek is a Professor of Political Science at Manhattan College. She is an expert in international environmental policy and is the author of Global Environmental Politics.



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