In 1987, Dame Claudia Orange published her best-selling¬†book¬†The¬†Treaty¬†of¬†Waitangi.¬†In what¬†was¬†a comprehensive look at the¬†Treaty¬†and its¬†history, Orange’s¬†book¬†remains one of the most significant and popular New Zealand¬†history¬†books.¬†It has also¬†now¬†been re-issued with three¬†new¬†chapters¬†taking¬†the¬†history¬†of the¬†Treaty¬†up to the present day.¬†Orange¬†spoke¬†with Sam Smith about the¬†book and the importance¬†of the¬†Treaty¬†of¬†Waitangi¬†and its¬†history.¬†

Dame Claudia Orange¬†is one of New Zealand‚Äôs most distinguished historians. After publishing her first, award-winning history¬†The Treaty of Waitangi¬†in 1987, she became General Editor of the¬†Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, released in five volumes with the MńĀori biographies also in te reo MńĀori. A director at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa for many years, she is now an Honorary Research Fellow at the museum. Dame Claudia has received many awards and honours for her contribution to a wider understanding of our history, which includes research for the exhibitions He Tohu at the National Library and Te KŇćngahu Museum at Waitangi.



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