The US, when it holds an election ends up attracting more interest around the world than most, if not any other country. It might be because of American power; it might be because of the US’s democratic principles, or it might be because of media sources and the ability to follow it. Doug Becker explores the views of the American election from all over the world, featuring guests from Greece, Britain, Brazil and Canada.

Aristotle Tziampiris is a Professor of International Relations at the University of Piraeus in Greece. He is an expert in international relations in the Eastern Mediterranean and is the author of Greece, European Political Cooperation and the Macedonian Question.

Erica Resende is an Assistant Professor of International Relations and Security Studies at the Brazilian War College in Rio de Janeiro. She is an expert in critical security studies and is the co-author of Memory and Trauma in International Relations: Theories, Cases and Debates.

Simon Radford is an independent scholar based in the UK.

Lisa Burke is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Denver.



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