At this year’s general election, New Zealand voters will have the opportunity to directly influence the future of cannabis policy in Aotearoa via a referendum. The Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill aims to provides a regulatory framework for the legal production, supply, and consumption of cannabis in New Zealand; its purpose is to ultimately reduce cannabis harm to individuals and to families.

The complex dimensions of this issue, however, are a strong barrier to entry for voters.

In August, The Equal Justice Project held an online symposium featuring a panel of experts. They discussed the impact and efficacy of the Bill by providing a platform of debate and discussion in the hope that by presenting a diverse view of perspectives, voters can become more educated so that they can make an informed decision about the future of New Zealand’s cannabis policy.


Khylee Quince – Associate Professor at AUT. She is an expert in Māori and criminal justice.

Marta Rychert – Senior Research Officer at the SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, Massey University. Her work lies at the intersection of health, policy and law.

James Farmer QC – Barrister, Queen’s Counsel, Academic.

Chris Wilkins – Associate Professor and leader of the SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, Massey University. He is an expert in drug trends, drug markets, public health, and drug policy.

Mark Henaghan – Professor of Law at the University of Auckland.

Symposium Podcast – Part One: 


Symposium Podcast – Part Two: 


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this discussion reflect the opinions of the guests and not necessarily the views of The Big Q. 

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