With the historic changes in the American House of Representatives, what can we expect from the Congress and President in the ongoing policy and investigative battles? How will the power struggles play out? Will the Supreme Court weigh in and if so how? Maria Armoudian discusses the unfolding situation with Andrew Rudalevige, George C. Edwards III, Mark Peterson, and Sean Theriault.

Andrew Rudalevige is Thomas Brackett Reed Professor of Government at Bowdoin College. Rudalevige is an expert in American political institutions and is the author of Managing the President’s Program: Presidential Leadership and Legislative Policy Formulation.

George C. Edwards III is University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Jordan Chair in Presidential Studies at Texas A&M University. Edwards III is an expert in American politics and is the author of On Deaf Ears: The Limits of the Bully Pulpit.

Mark Peterson is a Professor of Law at UCLA. Peterson is an expert in American politics and is the author of Legislating Together: The White House and Capitol Hill from Eisenhower to Reagan.

Sean Theriault is a Professor in American Politics in the Department of Government at the University of Texas, Austin. Theriault is an expert in American politics and is the author of Party Polarization in Congress.

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