Last week the United States held its midterm elections with the Democrats regaining control of the House of Representatives while the Republicans retained control of the Senate. But what does the outcome of these elections mean for international relations? Doug Becker speaks with Pam Chasek, Amy Eckert, and Brent Sasley about the results and the implications for issues such as US border policy and US-Russia relations.

Pam Chasek is Chair of the Political Science department at Manhattan College. She is an expert in global politics and is the author of Global Environmental Politics.

Amy Eckert is a Professor of Political Science at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is an expert in international law and ethics and is the author of Outsourcing War: The Just War Tradition in the Age of Military Privatization.

Brent Sasley is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas, Arlington. He is an expert in foreign policy and is the author of Politics in Israel: Governing a Complex Society.



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