A unique feature of the Armenian Genocide has been the long-standing efforts of successive Turkish governments to deny its historicity and to hide its documentary evidence surrounding it. Denialists claimed that there was no central decision taken by Ottoman authorities to exterminate the Armenians and all available documents that indicate otherwise are either fake or were doctored by Armenians.

In this lecture, Taner Akçam talks about his new book “Killing Orders.” This book both brings to light documents either hidden or destroyed by the Turkish government that contain the killing orders and demonstrates the authenticity of these orders, which had been signed by Ottoman Interior Minister Talat Pasha. This work removes a cornerstone from the denialist edifice and further establishes the historicity of the Armenian Genocide. These findings represent an earthquake in the field of the Armenian Genocide and will contribute enormously to the fight for recognition.

Taner Akçam is a Turkish-German historian and sociologist. He is one of the first Turkish academics to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. His new book Killing Orders can be bought here.


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