Climate change, pesticide contamination, soil-depletion, loss of land, power politics, mass pollinator die-offs, and a host of big business practices threaten the long-term availability of healthy food. In part two of this symposium on the future of food, Maria Armoudian speaks with a panel of experts about the possible solutions to the food crisis the world faces.

This panel discussion formed part of The Big Q’s 2018 Symposium Series.

Joining Maria Armoudian on this panel are:

Michael Carolan, Professor of Sociology at Colorado State University. He is an expert in environmental and agricultural law and policy.

Richard Le Heron, Professor of Geography at the University of Auckland. He is an expert in environmental management.

Nicolas Lewis, Associate Professor of the Environment at the University of Auckland. He is an expert in political geography.

Anastasia Telesetsky, Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Auckland. She is an expert in environmental law.



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Disclaimer: The ideas expressed in this discussion reflect the views of the guests and not necessarily the views of The Big Q. 

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