Many observers argue that economic forces are corrupting medical care and eroding the trust between patients and their doctors. The problems in healthcare delivery have wide implications related to how healthcare should function, particularly when there are limited resources. Maria Armoudian discusses the ethics of medicine and healthcare with Thomas Pogge, Martin Wilkinson, and Richard Cookson.

Thomas Pogge is the Director of the Global Justice Program and Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs at Yale University and King’s College. He is an expert in social and political philosophy and is the author of World Poverty and Human Rights.

Martin Wilkinson is a Professor of Political Studies at the University of Auckland. he is an expert in public health ethics and is the author of Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs.

Richard Cookson is a reader and senior research fellow at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York. He is an expert in health equity and is the author of The Humble Economist: Tony Culyer on Health, Health Care and Social Decision Making.



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