Professor Jeremy Wyatt (University of Birmingham) is a world-leading expert on robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In this episode of What IF? he talks about the new frontier of ‘third wave’ dexterous robots that combine the intelligence and unstructured mobility of second wave robotics with capacities for sophisticated manipulation and fine motor skills in unfamiliar situations. In this conversation, Professor Wyatt discusses some of the technical challenges he and his colleagues are trying to overcome in third wave robotics, and some of the possible benefits and risks for society, from robotic exoskeletons to the potential for robot abuse.



This is the fifth episode of a podcast series entitledΒ What IF? (Imagined Futures). In this series of conversations with scholars, researchers and experts from a wide range of disciplines, we explore some of the big challenges and opportunities that the future presents.

What IF? (Imagined Futures)Β is hosted byΒ Luke Goode.