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November 30 – Is New Zealand doing a good job addressing climate change?

November 12 – How has New Zealand remembered the past?

October 28 – How bad is wildlife trading?

October 20 – Is New Zealand ready for a COVID-19 vaccine?

September 28 – What are the ethics of euthanasia?

September 28 – Why are vaccination rates changing in New Zealand?

September 14 – How important is Te Reo Māori to New Zealand?

July 21 – How does the media frame women in politics?

June 19 – Are social movements becoming commercialised?

June 4 – What is the historical context behind the George Floyd protests?

May 27 – What is the future of the New Zealand media sphere post-COVID?

April 30 – Are Māori and Pasifika communities more at risk from COVID-19?

April 16 – Will covid-19 change how we address the climate emergency?

April 15 – How has COVID-19 affected the labour movement in the United States?

March 25 – What technologies can help clean up rivers?

March 23 – What are the differences between organic and conventional farming?

March 16 – How do we know when something is organic?

March 10 – Fossil fuel-free superannuation: What is the deal?

March 9 – What are the effects of cannabis on the brain?

March 5 – Super Tuesday: What do the results mean for the campaign?

February 27 – Have rape myths become a barrier to a fair trial process?

February 20 – Money, Money, Money: What is the deal with political donations?

February 12 – Why are New Zealand houses so damp and mouldy?

January 30 – Do climate refugees need special protection?

January 29 – How do climate-friendly food choices protect the planet?

January 28 – Why is there a gender pay gap in New Zealand universities?

January 23 – What is coronavirus and how can we stop it spreading?

January 22 – Is political change coming to Putin’s Russia?


December 12 – What could the UK’s foreign policy look like after the general election?

December 2 – Why do people steal art?

November 27 – Are New Zealand’s electoral finance laws failing?

November 26 – Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

November 25 – How bad is poverty in New Zealand?

November 14 – What would a merger between TVNZ and RNZ mean for New Zealand’s media landscape?

November 14 – What is going on in Bolivia?

November 11 – How bad is food poverty in New Zealand?

November 5 – Cops with guns: is armed police patrols the solution to gun violence?

November 4 – Why has Twitter banned political ads?

November 4 – Is there freshwater under our oceans?

October 21 – Why are glaciers on the decline?

October 10 – Turning the tide: How can we improve local government elections?

October 10 – Who is to blame for the crisis of voter decline in local elections?

September 26 – Canada Votes: Is change on the way?

September 25 – How bad is discrimination against trans and non-binary people?

September 24 – How important are sharks to our global ecosystems?

September 23 – Does food advertising contribute to obesity rates?

September 19 – Why are Kererū so important?

September 17 – Is vaping the answer to quitting smoking?

September 6 – Why does the government remove Māori babies from their family?

September 4 – Is it time to ban foreign donations to political parties?

September 3 – How useful are Weka for dispersing seeds?

September 2 – Why does no one vote in local body elections?

August 26 – What are the biophysical elements to New Zealand’s food and energy future?

August 22 – How important is workplace wellbeing?

August 19 – How does political party affiliation affect local government elections?

August 16 – Have young people given up weed?

August 15 – Is Kauri a superorganism?

August 7 – Are we living in a climate of ignorance?

August 1 – How effective are protests in enacting change?

August 1 – How severe are traumatic brain injuries?

July 18 – Is gender identity an issue in sport?

July 18 – What is the state of housing in New Zealand?

July 18 – Can fish change their sex?

July 11 – How can we engage the ageing workforce?

July 11 – Can we reduce the production of methane in living organisms?

July 4 – What is New Zealand’s relationship like with Israel?

June 27 – What do changes to New Zealand’s electoral process mean for voters?

June 19 – How bad is food poverty in New Zealand?

June 19 – How can kelp help us locate earthquake locations?

June 10 – Does New Zealand’s criminal justice system need reforming?

June 7 – Are we in the middle of a climate emergency?

June 7 – What is the state of political lobbying in New Zealand?

June 6 – What are the alternatives to plastic?

June 6 – Digital Giants: To tax or not to tax?

May 20 – Death on the roads: Do we need to do more to stop drug drivers?

May 6 – What are the risks of moving to a medicinal cannabis regime?

May 6 – Turning the tide on transport: why is time for us to start walking?

May 1 – Turning the tide on transport: is it time to give up our cars?

April 30 – What is wrong with New Zealand’s prisons?

April 25 – How are our diets damaging the planet?

April 9 – What are the implications of gun laws on public health?

April 3 – How is climate change affecting Māori burial grounds?

April 2 – How is New Zealand doing on climate change?

April 1 – What is kauri dieback and what can we do about it?

March 21 – Can new gun laws make a difference?

March 18 – Is gene-editing ethical?

March 13 – What is the intersection between Tikanga and climate science?

March 4 – How is sex education framed?

February 18 – What happened to Pride?

February 13 – How do myths about contraception come about?

February 13 – Do political polls still matter?

February 5 – Should the teaching of New Zealand history be compulsory in schools?

February 4 – Should GP visits be free?

January 29 – What are the new global ecommerce rules?

January 23 – Why has inequality grown in New Zealand?

January 21 – How much do we actually know about contraceptives?

January 21 – Is religion in decline?

January 14 – What is Huntington’s disease and how can it be treated?


December 12 – How important is it that New Zealand media use Te Reo in their coverage?

December 12 – How bad is domestic violence in New Zealand?

December 10 – Does New Zealand have a problem with bias media?

December 10 – What is ethical journalism?

December 7 – Is academic freedom under threat?

December 6 – Expanding International trade or Soft Colonisation?

December 4 – A history of militarization in the Pacific

November 27 – Is a predator free New Zealand possible?

November 23 – What does it mean to be a feminist?

November 21 – What are the dangers of government algorithms?

November 19 – How are political ideologies labeled?

November 8 – What was Parihaka and why is it significant?

November 7 – Why do people get excited about royalty?

October 31 – Is New Zealand committed to zero carbon emissions?

October 31 – My body, my business: sex workers in an era of change

October 16 – Is conscious Kava consumption a thing?

October 9 – When is something cultural appropriation?

September 28 – Why are more children being prescribed Fluoxetine?

September 24 – Are s 27 reports important?

September 14 – Lost in translation: what is the meaning behind and within languages?

September 6 – What is being done to help the conservation of New Zealand’s native bees?

August 31 – Publish or perish? Fraudulent data in academia

August 28 – What does the leadership spill mean for Australian politics?

August 27 – What is the difference between colonial and indigenous land management?

August 15 – Dr. Cornel West on free speech, utopian futures and music

August 7 – How will the US-China trade war impact India?

August 6 – Having a cold one with the kids?

August 6 – Is reality TV ruining society?

July 31 – What is the Keto diet?

July 24 – What is our relationship with food?

July 17 – What does Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination mean for politics and law in the US?

July 17 – What are the political consequences of the latest Israeli airstrikes on Gaza?

July 11 – Why words matter when it comes to refugees

July 2 – How severe will two degrees of warming be for the planet?

June 25 – Are bail laws too tough?

June 21 – Does working with gangs help reduce crime?

June 13 – Has the US committed war crimes in Syria?

June 12 – How should suicide be reported on in the media?

June 7 – What are the psychological effects of earthquakes?

May 29 – Remembering Bastion Point: What was learned?

May 28 – Is the mental health of workers worsening?

May 8 – Are robots really taking over?

May 2 – Captain Cook: To celebrate or to educate?

April 27 – What is the future of climate policy in New Zealand?

April 26 – What should be done about New Zealand’s colonial statues?

April 20 – Are your clothes ethically sourced?

April 18 – How can we break the stigma of mental health?

April 10 – Are governance styles changing in China?

April 9 – What were the long-term ramifications of the War in Iraq?