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New Zealand dairying in question?

In an extract from the new book “The New Biological Economy: How New Zealanders are Creating Value from the Land,” Richard Le Heron brings into question the future of dairying in New Zealand.

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What does it mean to be responsible? 🔊

What does it mean to be responsible? And how has neoliberalism changed our conception of personal responsibility? Maria Armoudian speaks to Susanna Trnka about the factors that shape our lives, and our ways of being: ideas, events, and what she calls ‘traversing’. 

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Q+A: 100% global renewable energy: Is it possible?

Marc Jacobson has been working to take the world to 100% renewable energy by 2050 which he argues can slow down climate change and reverse some of the damage. Maria Armoudian spoke to Jacobson, who is also co-founder of the Solutions Project, about his ongoing work to counter climate change.

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