Since the U.S. presidential election of 2016, people around the world have debated Donald Trump’s rise to power. How did he win the election? What kind of political regime has he established? And how has that regime transformed the United States of America?

In this lecture held at the University of Auckland, Timothy Kuhner will discuss the main take-aways from his new book, Tyranny of Greed. This critically acclaimed work addresses Trump’s rise to power from the perspective of the religious and revolutionary awakenings that produced democracy. Tim argues that this radical heritage holds the keys to understanding and unseating Trump’s regime. He will make the case that democracy in the United States—and in most other nations as well—is vulnerable to organized greed and that the time has come for a revolution against corruption.

Timothy Kuhner is an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Auckland. He is an expert in constitutional law, corruption, political finance, and law & society. His new book is titled Tyranny of Greed: Trump, Corruption, and the Revolution to Come.

This lecture was hosted by the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law.


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