An informal conversation with Dr Daniel Dor, an Israeli linguist, media researcher and political activist, and Lia Nirgad – on Israeli politics, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the struggle against the occupation and new trends in the fight for social justice.

Dr. Dor has written extensively on the role of the media in the construction of political hegemony in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He has served as Chairman and Academic Supervisor of Keshev, the Center for the Protection of Democracy in Israel. Together with Lia Nirgad, he has founded the Social Guard, a grassroots civil society organization that promotes social justice, increases civic participation and advances a more democratic, egalitarian and inclusive Israeli society.

Daniel Dor was the 2017 Hood Fellow at the University of Auckland.

Lia Nirgad is a founding member of the NGO Machsom (Checkpoint) Watch

This talk was hosted by the Media and Communication Department at the University of Auckland.

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